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Nazir Champion

Great service and very supportive. Marco is a very knowledgeable and honest person.  He has provided me service where Roger's and Bell weren't able to. I got a new restaurant. I wanted to change from the previous owners Roger account to Bell. But wanted to keep my number. I was constantly having low internet speeds and  I made so many appointments with Roger's and Bell techs but none of them were able to do it. I was actually referred to Movtiel from a Bell tech. He said " if anyone can help with my request it will be Marco".  Hire them and use the services they provide.  You will not be disappointed

Mark Minifie

Not sure about people are talking about as this company has done nothing but provide me with fast and exceptional service over the phone and in person. The technician and representative that completed my request was understanding and patient and well mannered. The internet speed and price I am paying being a gamer has me speechless as it's faster then any of my previous providers wirelessly.

Levels Ottawa

Really great service, I've been dealing with them for over 5 years now! They are really friendly and fast to response! Thanks again guys!!!

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